Victory Financial Group is a world class platform for experienced advisors. Our structure is unique in the industry and rests on the following beliefs:
At Victory Financial We believe...

Advisors should own their books of business, period

You spent decades creating and cultivating relationships and no broker dealer or insurance company should be able to take what you rightfully built.

In providing fierce independence

Captive advisors are limited, and clients pay the price. Experienced advisors deserve a platform where they can provide the best solution every single time.

Top advisors not only deserve market payouts, but they should have ownership in the firm

At Victory Financial Group senior partners have ownership in the business.

An advisor can reach their maximum potential when they share ideas and leverage infrastructure

When you or your firm join Victory, we work to ensure you unlock your true potential.

We are building a team of independent, like-minded advisors who aim to serve their clients with the utmost care. If you are a seasoned advisor who aligns with our values and is interested in learning more about partnership, we would love to speak with you.


Our business is anchored by authentic and trustworthy relationships

We are an independent firm who pride ourselves on building genuine connections and giving honest, straightforward and unbiased advice at all times.

We practice relentless
service to our clients

Accessibility and reliability are paramount; whether you have questions, need visibility into accounts or need to make a change, we strive to deliver
best-in-class service.

We love what we do

We are passionate about the industry and are proactive to learn any and all new funds, policies and tools to give you the best investments and solutions available in the market.

Your success is our Victory

Building winning growth strategies is our goal. There is a lot of time, personalization, expertise and strategy that goes into creating the right plan for your family. We strive to build and protect your wealth and possessions so they serve not only you, but the generations that follow.

We are aligned by our calling for stewardship

We are a group of like-minded advisors and agents aiming to serve both our clients and a greater philanthropic purpose. We are proud to contribute a percentage of our profits to local nonprofits.

We’d love to learn about your goals
and how we can help

We’d love to talk and learn more about your financial goals
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